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Brian Miller

Owner & Head Coach, CF-L1, CF-L2, PN-L1, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Running

Lauren Meilstrup

CF-L1 Trainer

hear from our athletes



I joined CrossFit Superfly after seeing what the sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic was doing to my body. I gained 20lbs in just 6 months. When I joined I was not sure this time my journey would be any different than the last times I did CrossFit. But to my surprise, with the right guidance I am overcoming my weaknesses and getting stronger each day. I had a lot of mobility issues especially with front rack stuff but all the coaches helped me and now I am able to do most of the movements. I want to give a special shout out to Brian who has helped me with each and every workout. I know I bug him a lot but he always recommends the right scaling options, alternate workouts, or even no equipment stuff with my shoulder pain. One day I reached the box when there was no scheduled class and instead of telling me there’s no class he made a custom workout for me and waited til I completed it. I am very thankful to all the coaches especially Brian, Kelli, and Lauren all their hard work.

The left picture was Christmas 2016. The right picture is from today (almost 13 months later) so what has changed in my life. May of 2017 at a normal physical I was told I was 223lbs with extremely high cholesterol and would need to go on medication right away. I honestly felt healthy, it was just a few pounds and I go to the gym when I could but I’m not good at pushing myself. So looking into other options and came across CrossFit. I was intimidated to inquire information about this until I read a post from one of their members. I thought I’d give it a try and joined in 2017. The owner, Brian, was welcoming and worked with me one on one at first when he helped set up a schedule that I could workout with the normal classes. I have never put in so much effort before this and felt good about my workout after each time. So in about 7 months, I am down to 208lbs and feeling like a new person. It’s definitely been a life changer for me.


Thank you CrossFit Superfly and coach Brian for getting me in the best shape ever and being and feeling my best! Since joining Superfly in August 2014, not only have I lost and kept off 25lbs, I have increased my strength and muscle tone too! Joining at the age of 52 years old I will admit it took some persuading for me to give it a try, as I thought it was for only the young! Boy, was I ever wrong! CrossFit Superfly is a great community of members that encourage and cheer each other to do their best and improve on their performance. These members have become my friends along the way!


I am a newbie to CrossFit Superfly. I started attending the “Saturday Morning Hero Workouts” with a friend (and current member) back in September. It was a hard workout but the instructor modified it for me and some others so that we could still be successful. I started going consistently on Saturdays, and really enjoyed the challenge and accountability of a group. I decided to purchase a punch card to try going to a few days during the week also, and… I’m hooked! I have noticed a huge change in my strength, endurance, and knowledge. All of this is great - but in all honesty, it’s the people at Superfly that make you come back. They are positive, knowledgeable, energizing, and FUN!



I have never been to a gym in my life. CrossFit Superfly is my first gym. During my training cycle I was not able to lift the barbell and was bad at squats. It’s been a year since I started and now I can lift heavy weights, have good squats, and do WODs. Being a part of this community has changed my life in and out. I am stronger physically and more peaceful emotionally. I am in better shape than ever. I just want to give a big shout out to Coach Brian and John. The coaches here are genuinely caring about our health and goals. Everything is instructed in the safe and proper form. Even when doing scaled workouts. Coach Brian and John will push me to be the best that I can be in that moment. It really helped me in achieving my goals. I want to take the opportunity to thank Brian for such an amazing year. I am constantly surprised and elated with how you help me grow and challenge me. Your patience and encouragement have gone along way. In life, we each find places where we belong. I know that I can walk into the gym at any time, at any class, and feel like I belong. I feel lucky that, by pure chance, ended up being part of this great Superfly community that Brian has built. It has given me much more than just the best physical form I’ve ever had. It has give me very good friends. I am looking forward to more productive years going further.



Superfly makes it easy to keep coming back. From the 101 course that showed me the basics, to one-off work to help my form, to mid-workout adjustments and motivation, the coaches are committed to every person who walks in the door. A group of people I didn’t know welcomed me immediately, encouraged me, and regardless of how much I had to scale a workout to fit what I’m capable of, all that mattered was progress and pushing myself. I never felt out of place or “less than” which was an extremely easy headspace for me to fall in to in other gyms I had been a part of. I started with the mindset of “just show up” and the people there helped pull me through those first few weeks. In that time it became something I looked forward to every morning. If you’re willing to work, the results will come. In 3 months, I’ve lost 30lbs and 2.5” off my waist, but more important to me is how I feel. I have more energy, my mood is better, and knee pain I’ve been dealing with for more than a decade has started to subside. Joining has been the best decision for my fitness journey and I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish in the future.


I wanted to let you know how much I have LOVED becoming a member of your gym. I was so sad when class was canceled the other week. I mean I was sad to miss working out at the crack of dawn, WHAT?!?!? I am not good around people I don’t know, so walking into a gym as the only new person and starting from scratch was sooo difficult for me. I do not like being the center of attention and I do not like to fail. My eating will probably never be perfect, but that is okay. I haven’t dropped as much weight as I was hoping the first month, but I look very different and I feel awesome. I have sooo far to go, I know, but I never imagined really loving this as much as I do. Kelli was awesome and so helpful to me. It makes such a big difference to have someone teach you how to do things so you don’t injure yourself. I have never experienced that in years past when I have tried different things. Kevin is so patient and shows me everything without even asking, offers weight suggestions and modifications for me without even asking. I appreciate Brian being patient with me as well. I hate being needy and always having to ask questions, but oh well, I will catch on eventually, right? That was a long way of saying thank you! I look forward to getting stronger and building a healthier me.


I started CrossFit Superfly at the age of 50. For the past five years, I have lost 35lbs and gained strength and flexibility. I have seen a dramatic change in muscle mass. People comment on the muscles in my arms. I feel so much healthier and can keep up with younger members at the gym. CrossFit accommodates my abilities and my skills. I never feel out of place and teamwork and support has been great. My doctor is amazed at my transformation. It has been a life-changing experience. Just the confidence building affects all aspects of my life! Thank you to all the coaches and staff of CrossFit Superfly.